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Green centres

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Sustainable rice production within the framework of the program "green centres for innovation in agriculture”



A dam and numerous wells help relieve the shortage of sufficient and clean water.



Farm cooperatives are supported in many ways on their path to economic independence.



Building of schools, free school meals and assistance to gifted pupils are an investment in young people's development.



All projects are accompanied by research, the results of which are incorporated in practical work in the field.

Renewable Energies

Erneuerbare Energien

This new economic sector will create new sources of income, permit electrification and support environmental protection.


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Board of trustees

Six trustees advise and support Gisbert Dreyer, Director and Chairman of the Dreyer Foundation, in all his endeavours.

drauer Gunther Beger
Managing Director UNIDO
walter lindner

Swantje Kühn
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. architect BDA

Roland Schuler Inge Herbert
Head of Subsahara Africa and MENA unit
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom
christian borgemeister Prof. Dr. Christian Borgemeister
Managing Director ZEF Bonn, Center for Development Research at the University of Bonn
drauer Dr. Dr. Dietrich Pohl
drauer Prof. Dr. Werner Leitner
Lawyer, Leitner & Kollegen


Honorary member

The Dreyer Foundation thanksits former trustees for many years dedicated support. As honorary members, they remain closely connected to the foundation.

Foto Volker Schlöndorff Volker Schlöndorff

Film director, scriptwriter, film producer

Bohnet Prof. Dr. Michael Bohnet
Head of Department (ret.) in the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Prof. Dr. Paul Vlek
Managing Director ret. of the Centre for Development Research (ZEF) at the University of Bonn
Dr. Paul Armbruster
form. Secretary General of International Raiffeisen Union (IRU), Head of International Relations Department of the DGRV – Deutscher Genossenschafts- und Raiffeisenverband e.V.
Lothar Müller-Güldemeister
Lawyer, author