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A dam and numerous wells help relieve the shortage of sufficient and clean water.



Farm cooperatives are supported in many ways on their path to economic independence.



Building of schools, free school meals and assistance to gifted pupils are an investment in young people's development.



All projects are accompanied by research, the results of which are incorporated in practical work in the field.

Renewable Energies

Erneuerbare Energien

This new economic sector will create new sources of income, permit electrification and support environmental protection.


Renewabel energy

Energy production from renewable sources instead of deforestation

The combustion of newly cut trees leads to desertification of soil and, in the long term, to destruction of people's livelihood. The inevitable production of the toxic smoke during the combustion is also a major cause of the high death rate among children and the elderly.

The wood fuel is replaced by mechanically compressed "pellets" – small particles consisting of various combustible remnants of agricultural production. Rice husk, straw, corn waste and press cake (a by-product of the oil extraction) are compressed together. The resulting pellets are easy to transport and have a high fuel value.


alter ofen

For the ideal combustion of this new fuel, the Dreyer Foundation is currently developing a very simple, small and inexpensive furnace based on the principle of gasification. This furnace will have different power levels for various uses. Its emissions are 90% lower than those of the traditional wood combustion, whereas the thermal efficiency is 10 times higher.